Catania, Via Palazzotto 2a-4, 95128


A location,  a Thousand Ideas: This is the Essence of Double Art" 



Double Art is an exhibition space founded in 2019 in my hometown, Catania, which I strongly wanted and created with the specific purpose of spreading a message of beauty and hope.


I had reached a crossroads in my life: stay in Catania or return to Rome? I decided to stay and create something original and innovative, but above all, the main idea was to promote and support contemporary art, sculpture, design, photography, and fashion.


I have been passionate about art and fashion since I was very young. I remember how much fun I had creating clothes for my Barbie dolls and making something instant with pieces of fabric found in some closet. This great love led me to move to Rome, which became my adopted city for more than 12 years. The great Italian fashion always inspired me, and I dreamed of being part of it; in my ideal world, Armani would have been my boss. But then life decides a little for you and starts to take immense turns only to return somewhat to the origins.


Here in Catania, I decided to continue, in part, the historic family business of framing, but I expanded the offerings by including everything I love the most. I also continue my work as a freelance costume designer for cinema and theater, and this concept is also a bit of my creative workshop, my studio, and my home.

The clothes on display are entirely sewn by me and are unique and exclusive pieces.


As you might have understood, Double Art is not a traditional store; it is an idea with infinite possibilities, and for the city of Catania, it is a great challenge.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that combines fashion, art, and design, this is the perfect place.

I am proud to offer an eclectic selection of products that embrace the latest fashion trends, designer furnishings, and original artworks created by talented local and international artists.

What makes Double Art different from other stores? The meticulously curated selection of high-quality products.

I am always on the lookout for new talents and collaborations, which means you will always find something new and exciting to discover with each visit.


Oh, I almost forgot, I am Eleonora Giuffrida.